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Dates Reception Is Closed

We are still open in the kennels & Cattery however reception is closed on these dates which means no pets can be brought in or collected-Every Sunday & Bank Holidays and the below dates. Please call us if you have any issues 01924 863037 

oakenshaw cattery.jpeg


Monday 27th May 2024 Bank Holiday

Monday 26th August 2024 Bank Holiday

Tuesday 24th December 2024 Christmas Eve

Wednesday 25th December 2024 Christmas Day

Thursday 26th December 2024 Boxing Day

Friday 27th December 2024 Closed Christmas

Tuesday 31st December 2024 New Years Eve


Wednesday 1st January 2025 New Years Day

Thursday 2nd January 2025 Closed

Friday 3rd January 2025 Closed

Friday 18th April 2025 Bank Holiday

Saturday 19th April 2025 Closed

Monday 21st April 2025 Bank Holiday

Monday 5th May 2025 Bank Holiday

Monday 26th May 2025 Bank Holiday

Monday 25th August 2025 Bank Holiday

Wednesday 24th Dec 2025 Christmas Eve

Thursday 25th Dec 2025 Christmas Day

Friday 26th Dec 2025 Boxing Day

Saturday 27th Dec 2025 Closed

Wednesday 31st Dec 2025 New Years Eve


Thursday 1st January 2026 New Years Day

Friday 2nd January 2026 Closed

Saturday 3rd January 2026 Closed

Friday 3rd April 2026 Bank Holiday

Saturday 4th April 2026 Closed

Monday 6th April 2026 Bank Holiday

Monday 4th May 2026 Bank Holiday

Monday 25th May 2026 Bank Holiday

Monday 31st August 2026 Bank Holiday

Thursday 24th December 2026 Christmas Eve

Friday 25th December 2026 Christmas Day

Saturday 26th December 2026 Boxing Day

Monday 28th December 2026 Bank Holiday

Thursday 31st December 2026 New Years Eve


Friday 1st January 2027 New Years Day

Saturday 2nd January 2027 Closed

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