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Dog Boarding & Cattery

We will make sure that your furry friend has plenty of playtime outside. Whether we’re playing a game of fetch in our off lead area or they are walking around our woods on a lead, your pets will never be bored with the assortment of outdoor games and activities that we have up our sleeve. Leave your pet with Oakenshaw, and you’re guaranteed to find a happy and loving animal awaiting your return.

(Please note we do not mix any pets unless they are from the same household)



Happy dogs

Our opening times are 10:00am-12noon and 3pm-4:30pm Monday to Saturday

This is for both drop off and collection.

1 x Dog £30.00 Per day, Per Kennel

2 x Dogs sharing one kennel £40.00 Per day.

3 x Dogs sharing one kennel £45.00 Per day 

4 x Dogs sharing one kennel£50.00 Per day 

Please note you are charged from the day of arrival and the day of departure. No more than 2 medium size dogs can share one kennel unless a family room is requested and we have one available. Extra Care is charged for medication/supplements and dogs with behavioural issues. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Booking subject to terms and availability.



Happy Cats

Our opening times are 10:00am-12noon and 3pm-4:30pm Monday to Saturday

This is for both drop off and collection.

1 x Cat £20.00 Per Day, Per Cabin

2 x Cats Sharing one cabin £25.00 Per Day

3 x Cats sharing one cabin £30.00 Per Day

4 x Cats sharing one cabin £35.00 Per Day

Please note you are charged from the day of arrival and the day of departure. Extra Care is charged for medication/supplements.

Please call us to discuss your needs.

Booking subject to terms and availabilty.


Booking Terms:

  • Opening times are as follows: 10:00am-12 noon and then 3pm-4:30pm Monday to Saturday. We close all day Sundays and Bank Holidays and certain dates through the year which can be found on the closures page.

  • Our prices have increased for 2024 due to ever increasing overheads. All bookings on the old rate will be honoured.

  • All bookings are subject to availability and in busy periods we are unlikely to accept one or two day bookings.

  • 20% deposit is required on all bookings and this is non refundable or transferable.

  • Bookings that are within two weeks of arrival are required to pay in full at the time of booking.

  • Any bookings that have been paid in full but cancel, any amounts owed to the customer will be put onto account for future use. We do not offer refunds. Please only pay the 20% deposit and not the full amount if your booking is outside of the two week window.

  • Please note we do not accept one night stays as its not financially viable in todays climate.

  • You are charged for the day you drop off and the day you collect, it does not make any difference if it is morning or afternoon. The gates will not open prior to 10:00am and will be closed at 12 noon prompt. The gates then re-open at 3pm-4:30pm prompt. If you get stuck in traffic then please notify us so we can give your pets their tea and keep them until the next day ( a days fee will be charged on collection)

  • We have an extra care policy for cats and dogs that require medication/supplements or behavioural issues £3 per day.

  • The hours that we close in the day is to spend more time exercising the dogs. We will not answer the phone however leave a message and we will call you back

  • A deposit/booking fee of 20% is required on all bookings which is non refundable and not transferable to a future booking. 

  • When dropping your pet off, payment is required in full, either using card or cash.

  • If you decide to collect your pet earlier than scheduled no refund is available or transferable. If you book in and decide to change your dates then the full cost of your original stay will be applicable unless you give us four weeks notice. We work exactly the same as hotels if that helps simplify things.

  • If you want to bring your own food then please provide it in a plastic container with your pets name on it and also the brand of food that you use, incase they run out during their stay. It is a good idea to provide your own food as change in diets can result in upset tummies.

  • We provide new, raised platform beds and vet bedding/blankets and we also provide all bowls etc. We do not accept your belongings due to cross contamination. The kennels and cattery are heated.

  • Up to date vaccination documents are required on drop off and we advise to get the kennel cough vaccine 4 weeks prior to your dogs stay with us but this is not compulsory, we can only offer advice .Failure to provide annual vaccination proof will result in your pet been refused. This is not negotiable so please do not forget your vaccination records. (Please note the vaccination against kennel cough does not give 100% cover and we will not be held liable should your dog contract it whilst with us.) If you are getting vaccination against KC then you must do this at least 4 weeks prior to arriving due to it being a live vaccine. ) Please see further down the page for information on kennel cough.

  • Under new legislation we also require the following information:

  • Pets insurance company and policy number if applicable, (they do not have to be insured). Microchip number, date of last flea and worm treatment and brand.

  • Heating is included in the price.

  • Please note if you turn up and your pet has behavioural problems that we have not been made aware of then we can refuse your booking and your balance will still need paying in full.

  • We do not mix or socialise dogs due to licensing regulations. (If an incident occurs who's dog is responsible?we do not put our customers or dogs in that position). Your dogs will be exercised on their own or if multiple dogs from the same family then that is permitted with a member of staff monitoring at all times.

  • If you have made a booking and fail to turn up or notify us that you are not coming in then you will not be able to board with us again and your payment will be due in full regardless if you turn up or not. This will be taken from the card you used to pay your deposit.

  • If you cancel your booking within 14 days of your arrival date then you will be charged for the full stay of the original booking, again, like a hotel. If you fail to comply with this then we will not be able to board your pets in the future.

  • If you leave your pet with us and do not show up for them on the due date then we will give you 14 days in which to collect them and pay the final bill. If after 14 days this has not happened then Oakenshaw Kennels will take ownership of your pet as it will be classed as abandonment. 

  • All bookings are non transferable and we do not offer refunds.

Kennel Cough Myth - Proper name is 'Infectious Bronchitis'.
Kennel cough is a highly infectious airborne condition, and can easily be spread. This means that dogs who have never been anywhere near a boarding kennel can develop kennel cough.
Here’s what you need to know about kennel cough to limit the possibility that your dog will be infected.
How Kennel Cough is Spread
Because kennel cough is very infectious, it is spread in much the same way as the common cold. Infected dogs will release virus and bacterial particles into their environment and this can be breathed in by other dogs,

who can then be affected themselves.
Humans can catch colds if they are in close proximity to someone who already has a cold or if they touch things that have also been used by them, and the situation is very similar with kennel cough. If your dog has close contact with an infected dog or shares food and water bowls or toys with them, they can easily develop kennel cough too.
Here at Oakenshaw Boarding kennels, we keep all dogs separate or within their family group. 
*  Food/water/ toys are not shared.
*  Dogs do not mix at exercise time and dogs do not get nose to nose contact. 
*  the kennels are well ventilated and we use the correct cleaning 
  fluids that not only kills the infectious bronchitis but is a full disease control product.
Vaccination isn’t a guarantee that your dog will never get kennel cough.
It is not usually dangerous and normally clears up without treatment within a few weeks.
Apart from your dog coughing, the infection is unlikely to make them feel ill
however puppies, elderly dogs and those with existing medical conditions can be susceptible too

complications to secondary issues. If you have concerns then please speak to your vet.
Kennel cough has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days. If your pet is given the vaccination then please do this 4 weeks prior to your kennel visit as it is a live vaccine. 

If you have any questions about our terms then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 863037

alternatively you can email

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